Finacing Your Small Business With A Loan Alternative

One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses today is the availability of working capital from Business to business credit providers.

Applying for a small business loan from a bank can be extremely difficult. While most small businesses depend on revolving credit for ongoing and unexpected expenses, banks are simply unwilling to approve the majority of loan applications. Reduced SBA budgets have also widened this credit gap leaving many small businesses in an even tougher position.

There is a solution…

Business cash advances provide fast working capital without the strict requirements of a bank loan application. Business cash advances are based on future sales. There is no fixed monthly payback amount. When sales are slow you payback is lower, in good times, you pay back more.

Traditionally this alternative to small business loans has been widely used by merchants and seasonal businesses who process the majority of sales via credit card. However, FastUpFront, one of Americas leading working capital providers has adapted to current econmic conditions making funding available to any established business even those who do not process credit cards.

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